Filling With Confidence: Top Tips By Your Trainer

Meet our trainer Laura, your go-to expert for all things aesthetic treatments. In this blog, she’s sharing her top tips to help you navigate through your treatments.

Whether you’re a newbie or a beauty enthusiast, get ready for advice and tips that’ll boost your confidence and elevate your education levels.


Tip #1 Tear Trough

When treating the tear trough (hollowness under the eyes) consider supporting this by enhancing the cheeks. Depending on your client’s anatomy, this could improve overall results.


Tip#2  Needle Handling

Always try to hold your needle as you intend to use it. This way you don’t need to worry about adjusting your hands.


Tip #3 Health and Safety

It’s not all about injecting. Make sure your health and safety, risk assessments and business fundamentals are all in place.


Tip #4  Be honest and open

Learn when to say no! It’s so important to be honest with your client and if you don’t feel comfortable or the treatment isn’t right for the patient, then just say no.


Tip #5  Under eye meso tip

When doing an under eye meso therapy treatment, turn your clients head towards you as much as you can. It will reduce dripping and leakage of product.


Tip #6 Always aspirate

It may save you from further complications. No matter how well you know your anatomy, a 10 second check could save your day.


Tip #7 Keep learning

You never stop learning, take knowledge from as many places as possible. Your colleagues, peers, articles, Youtube and blogs. There’s so much information available to us now that we have endless learning opportunities that will help you to be top of your game.


Tip #8 Have a range of products

There is an abundance of products available and each may suit your clients needs differently. It’s nice to have options, you will get to know which works for different clients best and this can take your practice and results to the next level.


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