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Enhance scalp health with Crystal Care for Scalp which contains 61+ ingredients.

Growth Factor Complex
The major benefit of Growth Factor Complex (Fibroblast Growth Factor, FGF) is stimulating fibroblast and collagen synthesis and proliferating epidermal cell growth especially in wound healing. Thus, this Growth Factor Complex stimulates elastin, fibronectin, and other ECMs in hydration recovery.

Essential ingredients are blended in an optimum ratio to maintain healthy skin and scalp conditions which slow down the process of ageing.

The main components are:
IntoCell PLUS-EGF – Epithelial growth factor promotes cell proliferation.
IntoCell-IGF-1 – IGF-1 simulates the regeneration of cells that make up the skin, such as fibroblast and keratinocyte.
IntoCell-bFGF – Rejuvenating skin effect
IntoCell-VEGF – Promotes the growth of epidermal cells and helps to regenerate damaged skin
KGF-1 – Stimulates keratinocyte cell growth especially in anti-aging
TGF-beta1 – As a transforming growth factor, it acts on various kinds of cells to divide, differentiate, and to regulate physiological activity.

Biomimetic Peptide Complex
The most significant ingredients that synthesis proteins and contributes to the activation of regeneration process. It initiates the major mechanism to prevent the process of ageing.

High purity hyaluronic acid
Enhancing the moisturisation and nourishing your scalp.

Vitamin Complex
The antioxidant effect of vitamins A, B, C, and E Complex removes harmful free radicals and reduces scalp stress.

Amino acid Complex
Amino acids are an essential component of the human body, and it is the most powerful natural moisturising factor that exists in nature.

Mineral Complex
Minerals are inorganic nutrients. They’re an important substance that constitutes our body. This helps the scalp cells to become healthy and prevents ageing. Mosturises dry skin and relieves troubles with a sensitive scalp.


Treatment protocols
Phase 1: 3ml, 4 times spaced 3 weeks apart
Phase 2: 3ml, 2 times spaced 1 month apart
Phase 3: 3ml, one time 2 months after phase 2


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