Dermaren Lumi 10.0



1 syringe × 3.0 ml per pack

Dermaren Lumi 10.0 is a biorevitalisant booster based on semi-bound HA 2500-3000kDa with a density of 20 mg/ml, polynucleotides 10 mg and glutathione.

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Lumi 10.0 has a long-lasting and highly modulating effect on skin cells due to its high concentration of PDRN and high viscosity of hyaluronic acid. It smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, giving it a youthful glow.

Benefits of Dermaren Lumi 10.0:

– stimulation of own biological resources
– active regeneration of damaged tissues
– long-lasting
– proven quality

Dermaren Lumi 10.0 is used to regenerate damaged tissues, moisturise, restore volume, and smooth skin. PDRN is a low molecular weight complex that affects the repair of cells and damaged tissues, homeostasis from the inside. The mechanism of action of the substance is to stimulate the active synthesis of collagen, which helps to restore the DNA chains and increase the production of its own elastin. Glutathione, in turn, is responsible for the antioxidant effects during the biorevitalisation procedure.

It’s recommended to leave 30 days injection interval between treatments and 3ml will do one full facial treatment.

Polynucleotide 10mg/mL, Hyaluronic Acid 10mg/mL

Recommended Indications
All face area

Needles = 27G x 13mm
Duration = 6-12 months

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