Hyafilia Impact (Non-Lidocaine) – 5ml



Hyafilia Impact (Non-Lidocaine) is a 5ml syringe perfect for use in various areas of the face.

HyaFilia collected only the best parts of other former HA Fillers and upgraded them into a New Generation of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler. V-Phasic technology enables HyaFilia to posses only the best values of different mono-phasic fillers.

This filler does not come with a needle.

Volume: 5.0ml
20 mg/ml Hyaluronic Acid


Recommended Indications
Deep Wrinkles/Folds

Glabella lines
Nasolabial folds
Marionette lines
Nose contour

Needles = 1 x 25G * 1/2″ & 1 x 27G * 1/2″ premium thin walled needles


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Hyafilia Impact (Non-Lidocaine) is a 5ml syringe perfect for use in various areas of the face.

Hyafilia is a V-phasic hyaluronic acid filler that stands out from other fillers for its deep, natural hydration. Hyafilia replenishes volume loss by stimulating fibroblasts to produce their own collagen. Hyafilia collected only the best parts of other hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers and upgraded them into a new generation filler. This brand is the result of research for more facial volume and a natural v-line.

V-phasic technology enables Hyafilia to possess only the best values of bi-phasic and mono-phasic fillers. Using a unique manufacturing process using a magnetic and air centrifugal mixer results in Hyafilia having superior cohesiveness and elasticity at the same time while also maintaining a low injection force, so it’s smooth to inject and gives great results for your clients.

Hyafilia is a long-lasting ultra pure hyaluronic acid dermal filler made of cross-linked HA, manufactured with its own specialised technology. It has long lasting effects due to its excellent enzyme resistance. Its high cohesion enables treatments to be performed in the desired shape, resulting in a natural look and prevents migration after the treatment.

Smooth injection allows practitioners to control procedures easily and it’s possible to perform a procedure delicately. Practitioners can minimise patients skin damage, prevent bruising, erythema and edema after treatment,

The benefits of Hyafilia Impact (Non-Lidocaine):

  • Coloured syringe to identify each product
  • Ergonomic design for your comfort
  • Low injection force
  • Radiant healthy skin glow
  • Provides hydration and moisturisation
  • Fills and tightens the skin and quickly smoothes wrinkles
  • easily removable

 = 2-25°C
Duration = 12+ months
BDDE = Not Detected


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