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INFINI Premium Filler Body is a body contouring gel of cross-linked, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid for restoring or increasing the volume of soft tissues and modelling the body surface.

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INFINI Premium Filler Body is a gel of cross-linked, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that is used to restore or increase the volume of soft tissues and model the body surface. It is perfect for levelling out extensive atrophies and inequalities created after liposuction treatments and volumetric body treatments. Dedicated to contouring the silhouette in areas such as buttocks, calves or hands.

INFINI Premium Filler Body provides a visible volumetric correction through an outstanding increase in tissue volume, which results in the enhancement of tissue to the desired degree. Visibility and durability of the effect depend on the depth of application and the original condition of the skin. INFINI Premium Filler Body injected into the skin increases the volume of tissue and fills the corrected skin defect. The volumising and smoothing effect results from the high content of cured hyaluronic acid and its ability to bind water. The product is gradually resorbable and the effect of tissue enhancement lasts about 6-8 months. Regular supplementary treatments are recommended as they allow the consolidation of the effect of the correction.

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20 mg/ml Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Recommended Indications

Giving volume to flabby skin
Body shaping and contouring
Buttocks enlargement
Calf shape correction
Rejuvenating the hand

INFINI Premium Filler Body is a sterile, single-phase, polymeric filling gel of cured non-animal hyaluronic acid. It is a transparent and non-pyrogenic hydrogel with corrective properties characterised by very high viscoplasticity and high tissue biocompatibility. The product has physiological pH and osmolarity and gradual resorption. This body filler is placed in a scaled pre-filled syringe with a 10ml luer-lock connector. The packaging additionally contains a leaflet with instructions for use and self-adhesive labels with batch numbers for medical records, ensuring full product identification.

Storage = 2-25°C
Duration = 6-8 months
BDDE = Not Detected


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