Juvederm Volux

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Juvederm Volux is a revolutionary filler that sculpts, defines and lifts for up to 24 months.

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Juvederm Volux is an injectable implant with cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin-indicated for the restoration and creation of facial volumes. This gel comes in a pre-filled, single-use graduate syringe. Juvederm Volux is the newest product from the Juvederm Vycross family of hyaluronic fillers made by Allergan. The unique hyaluronic acid molecular makeup provides the longest-lasting filler ever and is specifically designed for sculpting the lower face, appearing and feeling like bone when it sets.

With Juvederm Volux, practitioners can create long-lasting lower face contouring without the need for invasive surgery. Its lifting capacity is three times higher than that of the popular Juvederm Voluma dermal filler.

Juvederm Volux is a hyaluronic acid gel with the highest cohesiveness and elasticity among the products in the range. It has projection and tension effects which are adapted to the modification of the contours of the chin and jaw. Due to its properties, it is also particularly suitable for treating the oval of the face. Juvéderm Volux uses the Vycross technology, as Allergan laboratory products such as Volite ®, Volbella ®, Volift ® and Voluma ®. The presence of lidocaine aims at reducing the patient’s sensation of pain during treatment.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Juvederm Volux represent a non-invasive alternative to surgical techniques. The advantage of hyaluronic acid injections is that the amount injected is perfectly controlled in order to achieve a natural result. Because of the structural firmness of filler when it sets, Volux takes longer to break down, giving unprecedented months of amazing results.


Hyaluronic acid gel 25 mg
Lidocaine chlorhydrate 3 mg
Phosphate buffer pH 7.2 q.s.p. 1 mL


Restore lost volume and improve sagging due to ageing of the jawline and chin.
Contour the chin and/or jawline
Define the jawline more effectively
Visibly lift and shape the lower face
Sculpt the lower face with bespoke, long-lasting results

Recommended Indications

Marionette lines
Labial-chin fold
The angle of the jaw

Needles = 4 x 27G * 1/2″
Storage = 2-25°C
Duration = 18-24 months
BDDE = Not Detected

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