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With PRX-T33 a biorevitalising exfoliation of facial skin is achieved thanks to the powerful combination of active ingredients, without the need for injections or exfoliation of the skin. Whether facial skin has fine lines, pigment spots or blemishes, PRX-T33 improves the appearance of skin. Easy to use, the broad spectrum of action of this scrub is impressive. PRX-T33 can be used at any time, does not cause photosensitivity and does not require rehabilitation time. Biovitalization of facial skin has never been so easy.

Treatment Areas: 

  • Arms
  • Stretch marks
  • Décolleté
  • Neck

Fresh and youthful facial skin is first on many people’s wish lists. But ageing can leave its mark on the delicate and sensitive skin of the face. The first wrinkles, as well as incorrect pigmentation, make life difficult for many patients. If you are looking for a simple but effective treatment to revitalize your skin, the PRX-T33 peel is the perfect solution. Visibly tightens sagging skin and restores a fresh appearance. It also reduces the appearance of acne and other scars. However, this skin care product can also be used on certain areas of the body, for example, to treat stretch marks and deep-set scars. Unlike other skincare products, it does not cause photosensitization. Therefore, it can also be used in summer without hesitation.

PRX-T33 uses a very special combination of active ingredients to achieve such an amazing effect from the first application. It is based on the substances trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and H202; TCA allows H202 to penetrate into the upper layers of the skin to trigger the regeneration process there. The particularity, in this case, is that the H202 is used in a particularly low concentration and at the same time softens the effect of the TCA. The substances complement each other in their mode of action and additionally stimulate the formation of collagen in the tissue. Therefore, the plump and firm appearance of the skin is further accentuated in the days following the procedure. The other ingredient, kojic acid, has a slight lightening effect. The initial pigmentation disappears quickly.


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