SEPIA Micropigment Hairline Black

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Volume: 10ml

The safest, highest quality and longest lasting micro pigments on the market. SEPIA micro pigments are formulated with the superior quality ingredients in a GMP facility, meeting the highest standards in safety and efficacy!

SEPIA was the first PMU brand to pass the REACH test in 2022

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SEPIA Micropigments are PMU inks specifically formulated with an optimized particle size for skin (100-300nm), achieving long lasting colouration with no separation of colours or layers.

SEPIA scalp micropigments are a pioneering new treatment to help create the appearance of a fuller, thicker looking head of hair. SEPIA scalp micropigments replicate hair strokes or follicles with no discolouration or spreading, achieving a natural looking result that is virtually undetectable with no down time!

High quality glycerine based pigments free from heavy metals, parabens, alcohols, phenols and formaldehyde!

Recommended for use with Micro-pigmentation machine system


Storage = 2-25°C


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