Teosyal RHA 4

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Teosyal RHA 4 is a wrinkle filler product based on hyaluronic acid designed to support the skin in every move, while helping to preserve the vitality and softness of your face.

Teosyal RHA 4 enables the creation of a noticeable volume effect beneath the dermis, particularly in areas such as the chin or cheeks. Additionally, the Hyaluron Gel can be utilized to address sagging skin. As a result, deep nasolabial wrinkles, as well as crow’s feet and other wrinkles, can be effectively diminished. This Hyaluron-based Dermal Filler works in harmony with your natural movements, providing a fresh elasticity and maintaining the vitality of your skin. Furthermore, the inclusion of local anaesthetic Lidocaine in the Hyaluron Filler ensures a more comfortable and pain-free injection experience.

TEOXANE Laboratories have considered beauty in its dynamic dimension and have strived to preserve what makes it authentic: movement. Teosyal RHA 4 is suitable for the most mobile areas of your face: perioral area, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead, crow’s feet.

The RHA product line has successfully addressed a significant cosmetic obstacle: the restricted flexibility of the skin following a wrinkle injection. By undergoing wrinkle treatment, not only does the skin become firmer, but it also receives subcutaneous support during any facial movement. Teosyal offers more than just a facelift.

The principal characteristic of Teosyal RHA 4 is its exceptional viscosity and elasticity which enables very effective filling as well as a greater resistance to dermal deformity. It is designed to create volume in the cheeks, chin, temples and for correcting deep skin depressions.

As a result of the immediately visible results of the treatment, the customer’s self-esteem increases. The effect can last for several months. This is due to age, skin type, sporting activity and technique used.

23 mg/ml Hyaluronic Acid with 0.3% Lidocaine

Recommended Indications

Deep lines
Sagging skin
Volume in the cheeks

Needles = 4 x 27G * 1/2″
Storage = 2-25°C
Duration = 12-22 months
BDDE = Not Detected


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