TSK Low Dead Space Needles 33G x 13mm



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TSK’s LOW DEAD SPACE needle hub is designed to reduce the effective space left behind in the needle hub as close to zero. Minimal redundant hub space. Significant product and cost savings.

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TSK Low Dead Space needles are specially designed needles that minimise product loss during treatment with any liquid or substance

The TSK Low Dead Space needles from the manufacturer TSK Laboratory International have been specially developed to almost completely reduce the so-called dead space or empty space, which is located in the needle and often collects valuable active substances. Thus, the Low Dead Space needles offer almost no product loss, so that not only the product, for example a hyaluronic acid filler or botulinum toxin, but also the associated costs can be saved. In addition, with this type of TSK needle, there is a minimised risk of bending or the needle popping off because it is more firmly attached to the standardised luer hub, so it fits perfectly without slipping off. By purchasing TSK Low Dead Space needles today, you can achieve a product saving of up to 0.08ml, resulting in a significant cost saving when injecting more expensive agents.

For which treatments can the TSK Low Dead Space needles be used?
This type of needle is perfect for the treatment with any dermal fillers or other products, but especially for the injection of Botulinum Toxin. It saves the valuable and often expensive substances and allows you to use virtually all of the product without any wastage.


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