UK Government Reverses CE Mark Removal


Wondering about product safety marks in the UK? Well, good news! You might already be familiar with the “CE” safety mark. It’s going to stick around even past its original expiry date in December 2024. This shift in policy is all about making things easier for businesses and giving them more certainty, so they can keep on growing.

You’ve probably seen the “CE” mark on products in the European Economic Area (EEA). It means the product meets high safety, health, and environmental standards which is the standard for all products.


After Brexit, the UK introduced its own mark called the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) to replace “CE” on products sold in the UK. However, they decided to keep recognising the “CE” mark until December 2024 to help businesses transition smoothly.

The government has now decided to keep recognising the “CE” mark indefinitely in Great Britain.

Why does this matter?

Rest assured, as a customer, you can trust in our seamless importing process from the factories with which we maintain great relationships with. This also means we can keep the focus on innovation and we will continuously align with EU standards.

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