“How Can I Attract More Male Patients Into My Clinic?”

Traditionally, aesthetic treatments were only seen as being for women. However, nowadays, we are seeing the modern man evolve. They are becoming more comfortable with allowing themselves to take part in what “traditionally” is only meant for women as they too, see the benefits. Why miss out?


To attract more male customers to your aesthetic clinic, you need to make them feel welcome and included. Consider adding male practitioners to your team. A male client may find the guidance of a male aesthetician more appealing, providing them with the option to choose based on their preference.  This can also help reduce the misconception that aesthetic treatments are only for women.


Fillers can enhance masculine features like jaw contours, address tired eyes, and reduce wrinkles. Hair treatments for balding are already popular among men.


In fact, in a study from the National Library of Medicine, the proportion of men with moderate to extensive hair loss was 42%. Our Hair meso course therefore is a clear winner when it comes to what treatments men would most likely opt for. Click here to browse Filler Direct Academy courses, find out more information and see your clinic demographic grow. 


There’s an untapped potential for clinics when it comes to men having aesthetic treatments. If you take the time to cater to men as well as women, there will be payoff as you will have opened your business up to a wider clientele.


Another option could be to select in-house marketing materials that contain men on them. This can help them feel more comfortable and welcome into a predominantly female orientated space. You can find quality Revitrane marketing materials here.


Understanding your male customers is so important. Consider factors like age, spending habits, influencers, and interests. If you try to tailor your marketing plan accordingly to attract more male patients to your clinic, you will see growth.

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