What Are PLLA Fillers?

The popularity and efficacy of traditional hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are known by now. However, with the rise of PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid fillers) fillers, we are seeing an increase in the long-term benefits they can provide. While HA fillers offer temporary volume enhancement, they do not address the underlying collagen depletion responsible for ageing skin.

What are PLLA fillers?

PLLA fillers are synthetic bio-stimulatory injectables designed to restore facial and body volume loss. Unlike traditional fillers, PLLA doesn’t deliver immediate results. Instead, it stimulates dermal fibroblasts to produce new collagen gradually, resulting in a progressive but effective improvement over several months.

Injection areas

PLLA fillers are suitable for deep dermal deficiencies, facial wrinkles and folds, marionette lines, temples, sagging jowls, and scars. However, certain areas like the forehead, eyelids, tear troughs, and lips should not be treated with PLLA fillers. They can also be used for body contouring, including buttock augmentations, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening.

Who is suitable for these fillers?

Patients aged 50 and above, experiencing significant volume loss, skin laxity, and sun damage, are prime candidates for PLLA fillers. Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Mr. Apostolos Vlachogiorgos, emphasises the importance of patient education and realistic expectations, given the gradual nature of PLLA’s effects.

Results Timeline and Maintenance

PLLA fillers provide noticeable yet gradual results, with effects lasting up to two years. Yes, two years. Patients typically see improvement over several months as collagen production increases. Top-up treatments may be necessary to maintain results, with a series of three treatment sessions often recommended for optimal outcomes.

The Future 

As the demand for natural-looking results grows, PLLA fillers are gaining popularity. Innovations like Dermaren L’Eclat represent the evolving landscape of restorative injectables, suggesting a significant shift towards these fillers in pursuit of natural rejuvenation.

L’Eclat is a collagen-stimulating filler crafted from poly-L-lactic acid, an FDA-approved biodegradable polymer. It enhances facial volume in a controlled, long-lasting manner.

You can find more information on L’Eclat here.

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