Lumi Eyes stands out as a premium solution, leveraging polynucleotides derived from purified salmon milk DNA to repair dermal damage and promote robust tissue regeneration. The treatment results in intense hydration, tissue rejuvenation, and the alleviation of fatigue symptoms and skin discoloration.

The key ingredient, Polynucleotide PDRN, plays a pivotal role in regenerating damaged tissues, providing moisture, restoring volume, and smoothing the skin. This low molecular weight complex actively stimulates cell and tissue repair from within, fostering homeostasis.

The mechanism of action involves the active synthesis of collagen, aiding in the restoration of DNA chains and increased elastin production. Complementing this, Glutathione contributes to antioxidant effects during the biorevitalisation procedure.

Dermaren Lumi Eyes is a top-tier injectable product renowned for its reparative qualities

Derived from polynucleotides obtained from purified salmon milk DNA, it effectively addresses dermal damage, eliminating dark circles, moisturising, combating fine wrinkles, and lifting the skin under the eyes.

As a proven tissue booster, it delivers a rejuvenating effect by stimulating skin cells, collagen, and elastin, effectively delaying the ageing process and fortifying the skin.

The treatment enhances skin firmness, density, and overall quality in a remarkably natural manner, promoting self-regeneration.

Experience the transformative effects of Dermaren Lumi Eyes with no downtime – return to your regular routine immediately after the treatment. Achieving optimal results often requires a series of three treatments spaced four weeks apart, with bi-annual repeats.

This regimen ensures the skin gains energy and freshness while minimising bruising and fatigue. Unveil a revitalized and youthful appearance with the power of Dermaren Lumi Eyes.

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