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1 syringe × 2.0 ml per pack

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AMI Eyes is an advanced tissue stimulator, designed for needle mesotherapy of the eye area and the tear valley with a filling effect, without side effects in the form of lumps or lymphatic stagnation. When applied to the skin, it stimulates it to produce more collagen and elastin. As a result, the structure and appearance of the dermis is significantly improved. In addition, the product supports skin regeneration from the inside.

The secret of this rejuvenating treatment is that AMI Eyes contains polynucleotide (PDRN) which is safe for human use and has no adverse effects. Instead, it revitalises, energises and moisturises the skin. In fact, it also has a skin-lightening effect. Polynucleotide (PDRN) is obtained by purifying the DNA of salmon family fish. PDRN is a low molecular weight complex that affects the repair of cells and damaged tissues, and homeostasis from within. The mechanism of action of the substance is based on stimulating the active synthesis of collagen, which helps to rebuild DNA chains and increase the production of its own elastin.


  • 1% (20 mg) Polynucleotide

Recommended Indications

The revitalisation of the eyelid area
Sagging and numerous wrinkles
Tiredness and bruising of the eyelids

Benefits of AMI Eyes:

  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Tightening effect of enlarged pores
  • Increase fibroblast function
  • Abundant moisture supply with polymer hyaluronic acid
  • Improvement of skin tone and oil-water balance
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