INFINI Premium Aquabooster

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Hyaluronic acid 20mg/ml


4x TSK 30G x 13mm needles

INFINI laboratories have developed an innovative biorevitalising skin booster which actively promotes revitalisation and rejuvenation.

The uniqueness of the product lies in the use of uniquely stabilised hyaluronic acid chains, which not only ensures immediate rejuvenation an hydration of the skin, but also visible improvement in tension and density.

Aquabooster restores natural volume and creates a smoothing effect by using high concentrations of soft cross-linked hyaluronic acid with a slow metabolic process.

INFINI Aquabooster’s unique formulation of high concentration hyaluronic acid ensures in-depth reconstruction of the skin structure and visible effects after just one treatment.

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INFINI Premium Aquabooster is a revitalising booster based on stabilised hyaluronic acid (20mg/ml, 2x1ml) that provides immediate rejuvenation and hydration of the skin. The use of an outstandingly content of hyaluronic acid provides a deep regeneration of the skin structure and excellent results after just one treatment.

INFINI Premium Aquabooster is a sterile, viscoelastic, clear, colorless, transparent, isotonic, and biodegradable biorevitalising product based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, intended for needle mesotherapy treatments. The Aquabooster is a transparent and non-pyrogenic hydrogel with strong moisturising and rejuvenating properties, characterised by viscoplasticity and short biodegradability time.

The Aquabooster is placed in a 1ml scaled pre-filled syringe with a luer-lock connector, individually packed in a blister with two 30G injection needles dedicated to product administration. The packaging additionally contains a leaflet with instructions for use and self-adhesive labels with batch numbers for medical records, ensuring full product identification.

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INFINI Premium Aquabooster is recommended for:
Significant dehydration of tissues
Extreme dryness of the skin
Gray and dull skin
Lip refreshing
Revitalisation of hand and neck skin
Damages from photo and chrono ageing

15 reviews for INFINI Premium Aquabooster

  1. Paula

    When you use this product you won’t use another skin booster again, I would honestly say this is much more effective than any other skin booster product out there,
    “ When you glow you know”

  2. Erhyn Rowlands

    This has completely replaced profhilo for my clients. So much more value for money and far more versatility. This will become a clinic go to for skin boosters

  3. Paige Croydon (verified owner)

    THE best skin booster on the market! The results talk for themselves 👏🏻 not to mention it is so easy to push out which is a plus!

  4. Amanda Brown

    Absolutely loved using this product, its so easy to place into skin. Looking forward to seeing the results …..

  5. AJC Beauty

    Absolutely love this product, the results are insane. Versatile with results that are visible in just a few days.

  6. Kelly Day (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing my client review
    “My skin is just so glowing “ I will using this all the time
    Will not use another skin booster Since using this

  7. Bridget russell (verified owner)

    Love this treatment and clients love it too ! Highly recommend this x

  8. Laura

    Absolutely love this product, best skin booster in my opinion xx

  9. Emma Ryder

    This really helped with the laxity of my skin after weight loss, and strangely after using it I didn’t have the usual monthly “break out”. I felt glowing, the results spoke for themselves and I now have clients booking in for it
    Love it!

  10. Charlotte

    Amazing . Seeing results after only 1 day. Best skin booster by far

  11. Kristin Korta-Haupt (verified owner)

    Amazing results skin looks youthful and glowing!

  12. HODA

    Best skin booster I’ve used by far!!!!!! I get so many compliments. Thank you filler direct.

  13. Sana

    Best skin booster I’ve used. Saw results after one day and SO easy to place. Soft product so easy to push and got compliments a day after!

  14. Lucy a

    As good as profhilo

  15. Caroline Dunn (verified owner)

    Amazing product

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