DesoBody (5x10ml)


5 x10 ml vials

DesoBody is a revolutionary fat dissolve product that effectively targets and eliminates stubborn fat deposits in various areas of the body. Specifically formulated for lipolysis, DesoBody can be applied to problem areas such as the arms, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, and chin. Its key ingredient, deoxycholic acid, works by breaking down fat cells and releasing stored fat. This synthetic product is highly pure and directly targets the cell barrier of fat cells. Additionally, DesoBody contains purified caffeine to enhance cell metabolism, resulting in visible results. The body’s natural defense system then removes the breakdown products, while the destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system.


The optimal, well-balanced concentration of sodium deoxycholate (1,25%) effectively treats all the localised fat deposits of the body, primary, secondary, and pathological.
Treatment Areas:
  • Chin area
  • Upper arms
  • Arms
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Thigh


Reducing fat non-surgically to get the best results in a safe profile.


We suggest scheduling DesoBody sessions every five to six weeks for optimal outcomes. Generally, around four sessions are needed to achieve the desired results. Subsequent treatments are not needed since the fat cells tend to vanish permanently if the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle. The impact and longevity of the results depend on the patient’s level of physical activity and dietary habits. Therefore, the desired outcome might manifest sooner or necessitate further sessions.


– 1⁄2 Vial for 10X10 cm of localised adiposity if pinch test is < 3cm.
– 1 Vial for 10X10 cm of localised adiposity if pinch test is > 3cm.

Initial localised swelling and redness in the treatment area usually resolves within 3 – 4 days. There may be minor bruising at the injection sites and/ or sensitivity and tenderness around the treated area that will generally resolve in up to 10-14 days.

A course of at least 3 – 4 DesoBody treatment sessions is recommended at 6-week intervals, depending on how much fat there is to treat.


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