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DesoFace is a revolutionary fat-dissolving solution that targets the cell membrane of the adipocytes and reduces the double chin. The best results can be obtained in patients with moderate body weight or who are slightly overweight, with localised adiposity in the cheeks, double chin and areas where fat does not disappear despite diet and physical activity. Its special composition allows to treat successfully and safely, localised adiposities of neck and face. With DesoFace, disturbing fat deposits in the facial area can be eliminated quickly and permanently. This product is suitable for treating fat deposits in the cheek area and the lower chin area but also for contouring the face in other areas. In this way, one’s own expressive facial features can be emphasised. DesoFace is the ideal solution for precisely localised fat deposits that resist even dietary changes, diets or sports programmes. DesoFace achieves its high effectiveness with the active ingredient sodium deoxycholate, a precursor of the highly fat-dissolving deoxycholic acid. The product is applied topical directly to the face areas to be treated, where the active ingredient binds to the fat cells, breaking them open and releasing the fat they contain. Here, the body’s own defence system intervenes and transports the released excess fat away.


Sodium deoxycholate (0,5%) emulsifies adipocytes, caffeine promotes lipid catabolism Equisetum has a decongestant effect and draining.


Reducing fat effectively in a non-surgical way minimises post-treatment recovery.


– 1⁄2 Vial for 5X5 cm of localised adiposity.

For optimal treatment results, we recommend using DesoFace topically several times at intervals of four to six weeks. This depends, among other things, on the area of the face to be treated and the size of the fat depot. The treatment results with this product are already visible after the first or second treatment and are permanent. Consequently, the effect and the duration of the effect are conditioned by the sporting activity and the nutritional rhythm of the patient. Thus, the desired effect may occur more quickly, or it may require additional applications.

Benefits of DesoFace:

Reduces the double-chin


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