Glutanex Aqua Booster Face Cream

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Lightening and moisturising cream with Glutathione. protects the skin from oxidative stress caused by Free Radicals. Helps restore the original texture and tone of the skin. With continuous use, Melanin production will decrease, depigmenting areas of your skin.

Plump up dehydrated and wrinkled skin with Glutanex’s Aqua Booster. This light yet luxurious facial cream provides a megadose of hydrating actives for an instant all-over glow.

Its hydrolysed form of HA encourages fast absorption, whilst regenerative sodium DNA and antioxidant glutathione assist in rebuilding damaged cells. This non-comedogenic formula also earns an all green rating from EWG (environmental working group).

50ml per pot.

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Suitable for all skin types, Glutanex’s Aqua Booster is a super-hydrating, brightening and non-clogging formula that is quickly absorbed. An effective route to enhanced tissue hydration, Aqua Booster’s active ingredients improve skin clarity and plump up thin, lined skin for a more youthful look.

  • Contains a mix of natural hydrating, brightening and regenerative ingredients
  • Rejuvenates the face and neck
  • Instantly infuses the skin with moisture for a glossy complexion
  • Can be used as a day and night cream

Ingredient highlights:

  • Glutathione: for natural brightening and the inhibition of tyrosinase, responsible for melanin synthesis
  • Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid: a fast-absorbing ingredient that revitalises dehydrated skin without clogging pores
  • Sodium acetylated hyaluronate: an HA derivative with lipophilic and hydrophilic (moisture retaining) properties
  • Sodium DNA: also known as salmon DNA or PDRN, this regenerative ingredient delivers long-term anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits


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