Glutanex Sun Stick

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Melanin Blocking Sunstick with Glutathione SPF 50+ PA++++

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Glutanex Sun Stick is a sunblock which has superior sun-blocking capabilities with the power of SPF 50+. It works great for all skin types, especially darker skin tones. This sun stick is convenient to put in a bag, can easily go through in hand luggage, and shields your skin from the moment you apply. It is quick and easy application, so you can carry It with you and re-apply during the day.

SPF 50+ PA++++ with Glutathione is formulated for all skin types. It leaves the skin instantly luminous and hydrated without an oily feel.

Glutathione suppresses melanin to lighten skin tone. The sun’s UV reverses the effects of glutathione by producing melanin. Protect your lightened skin tone with the Glutanex Sun Stick.

SPF 50+ PA++++ With Glutathione
12 hours UV Protection
Melanin Suppression

1. Use at the final stage of basic skincare.
2. Twist the dial at the bottom of the container.
3. Apply evenly on the desired areas.
4. Always carry with you to reapply throughout the day for continued sun protection.
May seem a bit chalky at first and fades within a few minutes

How it Feels
Natural and Mild
Zero Irritation
Non Greasy/Sticky

How it Looks
Super Smooth
Tone Brightening
Matte Finish
Non- Sticky Protection

If you like the Glutanex range we advise that the Glutanex Cream instantly brightens skin, Glutanex Sun Stick keeps the skin from darkening. Glutanex Glow and Glutanex Masks feed the deep layers of the dermis with powerful nutrients. Glutanex Tab brings out the glow from within the body


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