Glutanex Soap

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An all-in-one cleansing solution for the face, hands and body, Glutanex Soap is a rich and foaming wash bar with brightening glutathione, hyaluronic acid and natural coconut. This is a premium, non-drying formula with non-toxic ingredients that hydrate the skin and simultaneously tackle dullness, PIH and uneven skin tone.

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Packed with Glutathione, hyaluronic acid and natural fats derived from coconut and palm, the Glutanex Soap allows for a clean and thorough was while leaving your skin super smooth and hydrated. Glutanex’s glutathione soap is a premium wash bar that benefits from a combination of non-toxic, non-drying, brightening and hydrating ingredients that make it suitable for all skin types. A smoother, softer skin can be felt even after one wash; with daily use, it promotes a more luminescent complexion across the entire body.

How to Use

1. Rub Gutanex Soap between hands to a foamy lather.

2. Wash hands, face, and/or body.

3. Gently rinse until soap is completely removed

Ingredient highlights:

  • Glutathione: an antioxidant that inhibits tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin synthesis
  • Hydrolysed hylauronic acid: boosts skin moisture content and plumps up thinning skin
  • With added natural fats derived from coconut and palm


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