Glutanex Glutathione Tablets (100)


Ingredients and Dosage:

100mg of Glutathione (reduced) (KP)



Packing Unit:

100 Tablets per bottle

On-Label Usage (MFDS / KFDA Standard):

Powerful antioxidant, Melanin suppression, improves liver functions from chemical poisoning, alcohol poisoning, and chronic liver diseases, Aids against cisplatin-caused chemotherapy diseases

Also commonly used for:

Melanin suppression (skin tone brightening), Powerful antioxidant, Anti-aging

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Sustain overall wellbeing with Glutanex Tab, an oral supplement concentrated with 100mg per service of pure, reduced glutathione. Its key active ingredient promotes detoxification and skin clarity.

With 100 tabs per box, this glutathione supplement covers up to 3 months of daily use.


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