INFINI Premium Filler Soft Lips



INFINI Premium Filler Soft Lips dermal filler is a gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for implantation in shallow wrinkles and moderate skin defects.


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INIFINI Premium Filler Soft Lips has been specifically designed to gently increase the volume of the lips and to provide deep hydration. Its lightweight and malleable formula creates smooth and natural results. Soft Lips is ideal for gentle volumetric correction of the lips and can be used with a range of different injecting techniques.

20 mg/ml Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Recommended Indications

Add more volume into the lips and increase the fullness of thin lips
Improve lip definition
Create a more defined smile
Help achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance
Fills fine lines (smokers lines/lipstick lines) around the mouth
Shape and structure your lips
Volume lips correction of shallow lines and delicate wrinkles

Needles = 2 x 30G * 1/2″ TSK
 = 2-25°C
Duration = 4-6 months
BDDE = Not Detected

1 review for INFINI Premium Filler Soft Lips

  1. Malgorzata

    Very smooth but without lidocaine extremely painful application even after using numbing cream.

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