LUMIFIL KISS with Lidocaine



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The perfect HA dermal filler for lip augmentation and areas where a thicker higher viscosity solution is needed. KISS can also be used in the cheeks, chin, jawline and Nasolabial folds depending on the nature of the wrinkles.

  • High Viscoelasticity – Offering long-lasting volume.
  • Low Phase Angle – LUMIFIL stays closer to the injection site for longer.
  • Patented Particle Technology – LUMIFIL has achieved uniform particle size, creating easier injections and moulding and enhancing the effects of the treatment. High Quality & Density – LUMIFIL offers one of the most dense HA fillers on the market achieving a huge 2,500,000 da particle weight, meaning added volume for longer.
  • Longer lasting approx 9-12 months.

2 reviews for LUMIFIL KISS with Lidocaine

  1. Rebecca D

    Lumifil is the only brand I will use, I love the ease with which I can use it. Clients are forever commenting on how comfortable it is during a procedure and are always over the moon with the results.

  2. Sam

    Comes out the syringe easily but I found it settled more bumpy than other fillers iv used

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