LUMIFIL LITE with Lidocaine



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LUMIFIL LITE is a low viscosity ultra-fine HA dermal filler for the treatment of fine lines such as crow’s feet, perioral lines, lip augmentation and light forehead lines. Also ideal in the use for standard and Russian Lip technique, this dermal filler is perfect for close detailing and site specific contouring which creates superior volume and lift.

  • High Viscoelasticity – Offering long-lasting volume.
  • Low Phase Angle – LUMIFIL stays closer to the injection site for longer.
  • Patented Particle Technology – LUMIFIL has achieved uniform particle size, creating easier injections and moulding and enhancing the effects of the treatment.
  • High Quality & Density – LUMIFIL offers one of the most dense HA fillers on the market achieving a huge 2,500,000 da particle weight, meaning added volume for longer

Results last approx 12-15 months depending on the person.

1 review for LUMIFIL LITE with Lidocaine

  1. Charlene

    Used this for the first today and had absolutely fantastic results! A lovely filler would highly recommended

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